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Thank you for your interest in applying to the 2021 TALENT Technical Career Mentoring Programme

Please take some time to consider the questions below, answering them as succinctly as you can. There are 12 places available in this cohort, so you are encouraged to consider both what you can gain from, and what you can contribute to, this programme. You can also view the selection criteria that will be used to score applications below.

If you have any queries about your application, or the programme, please contact us.

Applications for the 2021 scheme are now closed.

Selection criteria

1. Commitment to personal and career development

You will be assessed on your commitment to personal development, which could include why your think particular workshops/sessions associated with the programme would be useful/relevant to you.

2. Ability to demonstrate career aims and objectives

You will be assessed on whether your career aims and objectives fit with the scope of the programme, and whether you can demonstrate that you plan to make a significant change to your career development approach.

3. Engagement and motivation about the programme

You will be assessed on how committed you are to completing and remaining engaged with the programme. For example, how do you plan to schedule the events in your calendar? How do you plan to engage with the 1-2-1 sessions, workshops and networking sessions?


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Apply for the Technical Career Mentoring Programme

Please also forward an email statement of support from your line manager to This should include details of how the mentoring programme will support the applicant’s role in the University and confirmation that they agree to give the applicant time to attend the programme if successful (up to 150 words). Please note we will not be able to proceed with your application until we receive this.