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Technician-Led Equipment sharing

The TALENT project is building on examples of best practice led by technical staff driving the equipment sharing agenda. We will act as the catalyst for equipment sharing across Midlands Innovation institutions through hosting equipment sharing showcases, online events and an equipment sharing access fund.

In order to enhance awareness of the facilities and technical expertise available across Midlands Innovation, we are creating an ‘Equipment Sharing Brochure’, with our current version linked below. This will be used at equipment sharing showcases, distributed across the 8 universities and potentially seen by both industry and funders.

Example brochure

We invite technical staff and facilities across Midlands Innovation to submit their details for inclusion in the brochure using the web form below.

The next round of brochure submissions will open in August 2021.

Equipment sharing

Point of contact information for liaising with submission

The information you input below will be used for the brochure.

Please also send a picture that you would like included in the brochure to - it must 3+ MB in size, to meet resolution requirements

Data sharing

The information you submit will be used to create an Equipment Sharing Brochure for the TALENT project and will be publically viewable. This will be distributed across Midlands Innovation, with project partners, industry contacts and research funders. On a yearly basis we will check with points of contact for updates and continued inclusion in future iterations of the brochure. Through submission you have agreed that you have provided consent to be included in the Equipment Sharing Brochure. By submitting images you confirm that you own the rights to the image and that any individuals featured have provided consent for the image to be used for this purpose.

We will contact each facility with relevant events and funding opportunities. If you wish to opt out of this communication please email